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If you find it necessary to ask others to repeat themselves, turn up volumes to levels others find too loud, or have trouble understanding conversations in noisy places or that are fast moving, you may benefit from meeting with a member of our care team. We can provide:

  1. Audiological assessments, dispensing and adjustment of hearing aids.
  2. Diagnostic Audiology Testing including comprehensive Audiograms (hearing tests), Tympanograms (middle ear pressure analysis), Speech Audiometry (tests of word understanding ability) and Acoustic Reflex testing
  3. Free Hearing Aid Consultations
  4. Complete line of Digital Hearing Aids
  5. Hearing Aid Repairs and Supplies
  6. Hearing Aid Batteries
  7. Custom Earmolds
  8. Custom Swim plugs and other preventive items for water play and bathing
  9. Custom Fit Noise Protection Plugs

AHI Audiology staff can come to your location, whether that is a care facility or even your home for a private assessment and development of a care plan to meet your hearing goals and needs.