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Podiatrists hold doctor of podiatric medicine (D.P.M.) degrees. They are the foremost authorities and medical specialists of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. The following list includes some common conditions that podiatrists often diagnose and treat:

  1. Achilles tendon (ruptures, tendonitis)
  2. Amputations
  3. Ankle instability (sprains, strains)
  4. Bunions
  5. Flat foot deformity and Foot drop
  6. Foot and ankle arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis issues
  7. Fractures and trauma of the foot, ankle and toes
  8. Post-traumatic deformity and post-traumatic arthritis
  9. Sports injuries (fractures, ligament ruptures, tendon tears)
  10. Toe issues (claw toes, hammer toes)

Like all of our care teams, our podiatrists work in collaboration with our Primary Care Clinicians and other Specialists. If your issue is not shown, please call us.