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HOOP – Health Outcomes Operational Platform

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The problem with health care data is that all the data exists in the world of payers and providers but most of the healing (or obstacles to healing) does not.

Understanding outcomes in healthcare requires understanding both the process of care as well as the process of care data and having the tools to bring those sets of information together in a space where they can be represented, analyzed and improved.

Built on a framework and set of components that process some of the Internet’s largest organizations. AHI’s Health Outcomes Operational Platform (HOOP) has been designed to ingest and process data in any format regardless of size or complexity with the tools, functions, and scalable elasticity to take your data and turn it into actionable information.

Let our project execution team surprise you with their ability to deliver solutions where others have only generated excuses for project delivery on time and on budget.

HOOP-­AE (Analytics engine) was built from the ground up to process information in real-­time to support processing requirements needed to implement all aspects of the Affordable Care Act. HOOP-AE provides a different approach to healthcare related data processing.

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